Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah.

Hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah.

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Here's a little information about me;

My name is Christian Barbosa, I'm a California native currently based out of San Jose. I love being outdoors and often find myself the most inspired when I’m waist deep in a river, hanging from a rope 30 feet off the ground, or waking up to the morning sun after a night of sleeping in my hammock. When I’m not exploring the world around me, I’m behind one digital screen or another. Whether it’s my camera or my computer, the goal is to create something I am proud to share with the you.

I’ve been practicing graphic design for 15 years and photography for 10. After years of using my phone and Instagram as an outlet, I made the jump into the world of film and digital camera's. That all leads to this very moment and this website. Here you'll find a collection of artwork that I've created. Whether I'm wading through The Narrows in Zion NP, kayaking in Point Reyes, climbing in Pinnacles NP, or camping in Big Sur, my camera comes along for the ride and the inspiration those places evoke follows me home.

Have a look around, stop by the shop, and make yourself at home.

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